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Joshua Falcon-Grey

Joshua is a story enthusiast. Formally trained as a filmmaker, he now uses his story expertise toward healing our inner child consciousness -which means ending the painful stories begging for resolution. He helps both his 1 and 1 and group clients in reclaiming aspects of their fractured consciousness for increased personal power and rapid transformation. He is especially passionate about bringing Quantum Cannabis Healing and other important information and experiences to men. Joshua is co-host of a weekly immersive men's show called Men's Initiation, running through the new ActivatorLIVE transformational content platform. More info can be found on his personal site.

4 Ways We Can Stop Poisoning Ourselves With Passivity


Let’s talk a bit about passivity – one of the most misunderstood modes of being in our modern day. Passivity is often misunderstood as kindness. People intending to be polite often keep their mouths shut about their needs in order to ‘not rock the boat’.

While there are benefits to keeping up with the status quo, it is our authentic self that suffers at the expense of pleasing others.

The name of our company, True Participation, is more than just “fully” participating. “Truly” Participating means that we are honoring how we feel at our core. If we are being true to ourselves, it means that we have our own backs, and that we can trust ourselves to act (or refrain) in a way that we will feel good about in the future.

Here are four simple reminders of how you may honor yourself by speaking your truth:

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5 Steps for Making Tough Decisions

decisionsWe’re in the process of making some really big decisions. They may not be big for you, but they are REALLY big for us.

Isn’t it interesting that a decision is only BIG if you ask someone that cares about it? Doesn’t it seem much less significant if it’s not happening to you?

This is what powerful decision making is all about – seeing it from another perspective. Some people actually go around asking all of their friends for their advice, but there is a way to get an outside perspective without having to ask anyone.

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Business can be Beautiful

By Joshua Falcon-Grey / February 28, 2015

handsA lot of people live by the mantra “I hate money”, while at the same time trying to earn it and create it. Does that sound healthy for people on either side of transactions?  It’s unlikely that this mindset has created more abundance or a better experience for anyone, ever.


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Courage to Look Under the Hood


When something breaks, most people become distraught. They tend to feel helpless, or worse. This generally means they’ll need to take it to get repaired, or get a new one. It’s not often that people take things into their own hands and look “under the hood” to fix it themselves. It certainly takes a dose of courage to ask, “If I wanted to fix this myself, what replacement parts would I need, and what servicing tools would be necessary to install those parts?”.

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The Momentum of Belief

“The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.”


Momentum is typically only applied to objects, but in colloquial English it is often applied to action and thoughts as well. One might say “I’ve gained momentum on my project”, or perhaps “My income stream is gaining momentum”, or even “My relationship with my sister is gaining momentum”.
This article will refer to momentum in these terms, rather than what physics typically refers to as an ‘object’.

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