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Emotional Clarity through Cannabis

Creating the Presence You Want

We all want to BE MORE PRESENT in order to get things done and move forward in our lives. And we are constantly told the value of PRESENCE. But what is it exactly? We made a video to demystify this topic!

On How this relates to Cannabis Users:

Cannabis amplifies intention. Either the intention of our subconscious mind (a reaction) or the intention of our conscious will. If in our cannabis sessions we don’t decide what we want to create, we will undoubtedly fall into a cycle of unhelpful and unproductive reaction.

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About the author

Joshua Falcon-Grey

Joshua is a filmmaker and psycho/spiritual transformational artist. He designs new ways to incorporate technology, plant medicines, and personal development into experiential learning. He enjoys public/comedy speaking as well as providing personal, business, and relationship coaching. More info can be found on his personal site.

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