Inward Training Lab Application | Expandabis

Sculpt Your Identity through a Conscious Cannabis Relationship


Becoming a Certified Expandabis Method Practitioner

The Next Level of Your CannaJourney

Becoming a certified Expandabis Trainer includes the following perks:

  • ​Vastly improved intuitive abilities - see others more clearly
  • More Personal Confidence and Better Self Image
  • Improved Relationship with Cannabis - a little goes a long way
  • Less Dependency on Plants or People
  • More Clarity on Negative Patterns
  • Less Confusion, Irritation, and Anger
  • Ability to Instantly Break Bad Habits
  • Have More Energy
  • Experience Greater Creative Confidence
  • Improve Self Discipline


Expandabis Knowledge Kit

  • Multiple Personality Assessment Tests: DiSC, Vedic Symbol, Secret Language, Relationship Compatibility, Masculine/Feminine Balance, Jungian Archetype Shadows and Gifts, Rule Responses, and more 
  • 1 Digital or Printed Copy of Expandabis Manual depending on which package you select (Expected Book Completion/Delivery is January 2017)
  • Bonus: Two larger Packages below Include Premium Wealth Dynamics Assessment
  • This kit can also be purchased individually here

CannaCare DIY Kit

Balancing your cannabis usage

  • Includes a curated list of ingredients, mostly for sale on Amazon, and also some items that we offer ourselves
  • Each Item Includes Everything we know about how it interacts with cannabis
  • ​Everything in this DIY kit is completely vegan and gluten free, unless you choose the Ashwaganda Extract which has been extracted with dairy in the traditional method for maximum effectiveness
  • This kit is recommended alongside all 3 coaching packages below, and can be purchased here


Inward Training Lab

(Free and open to the public)

The best source of knowledge for self-awareness using cannabis

  • Access to Expandabis Membership Library of Video Teachings
  • Free Access to Inward Training Lab Facebook Group
  • Premium Email Support (As long as subscription continues)

Q&A Coaching Calls

1 on 1 Expansion Q&A coaching sessions for individual clarity and responsible usage dialogue

  • 6 Q&A Coaching Sessions (1-2 hours each, Video Chat Only)
  • Normally $250 per session. Scroll down to see this in the two larger packages at a discounted rate.

Expandabis Sessions

What is the Expandabis Method? Details Here

Group Expandabis Sessions will bring the education into practice

  • Glowing Warrior Expansion Sessions take place in-person as groups training for practitioner certification
  • Each Trainee must experience 12 practitioner sessions, 6 of which they are the focus (either in groups or privately)
  • Each trainee must experience at least 1 Private Session
  • Each trainee must co-facilitate 6 sessions for themselves on video (or in private sessions) and 6 sessions for another, either unsupervised or as private sessions
  • Group Calendar can be accessed here
  • Individual sessions can be purchased here
  • Normally $500 per private session, or $150 per Group session. Scroll down to see this in the two larger packages at a discounted rate.

Please Remember: We are not a dispensary

Please supply your own organic, non-hydroponic green medicine.

We can advise you on appropriate strains to best mine your creative treasures according to your personal negative imprint.

We will Expand quickly together.


YouTube/Facebook Video Coaching Program

A Weekly Group Discussion on Cannabis Energetics. Includes Psychological Healing Tools and Practical Information

  • Access to Facebook Group 
  • Learn The Expandabis Method and Ask Questions in a digital Group Setting
  • Includes access to CannaCare Info Kit ($20 value)


Only available after attending live Expandabis event. Join at any time.

No credit card required.


Digital/Live Coaching Program

You know your superpowers exist, and you're moving into a part of your life where the time has come to harness them more deeply.

  • 11 Group Expandabis Sessions in the Bay Area (Everyone alternates getting the chance to be the focus -Powerful transformation - from 2-3 hours)
  • 1 Private Expandabis Session Live in Person (2-3 hours)
  • Includes Access to Facebook Group Lectures (so you're paying for experiences, not information)
  • 6 x 1-on-1 Video Chat Q&A Coaching Calls - (Certain to increase your vibration - about 1 -1.5 hours)
  • Review and feedback on Self-Facilitated Video Sessions
  • 20% off additional private sessions
  • Includes Complete Printed Knowledge Kit (When book is released)
  • Premium Email Support
  • Includes access to CannaCare Kit


or 3 Payments of $997

or simply attend group sessions @ $150 each and accumulate  the requirements on your own schedule

No credit card required.



Digital/Live 1-on-1 Intensive Training + Healing Program

Let us facilitate Expandabis sessions for you LIVE in person, along with all the support you need, for the deepest training experience.

  • ​12 Private Live in person  1-on-1 Expandabis sessions for accelerated transformation of deeply held energies (2-3 hours each)
  • 6 X  1-on-1 Video Q&A Coaching Calls (Certain to increase your vibration - about 1 -1.5 hours)
  • Review and Feedback on Self-Facilitated Video Sessions
  • 20% off Private Sessions
  • Access to Entire Video Training Library as They Accumulate
  • Premium Email/Text Support
  • Includes Complete Printed Knowledge Kit (When book is released)
  • Includes access to CannaCare Kit


or 4 Payments of $1,575

No credit card required.


We solemnly swear that this will be extremely valuable to you. Your life will change. We can always go deeper in our understanding, but our promise is to make this experience truly groundbreaking for you. We will happily give your money back if you are unsatisfied for any reason.