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Unlock the Full Potential of Cannabis

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Season 1: Basic Energy Mechanics

You may start this course at ANY time during the season - and it is highly recommended that you catch up on recordings of missed trainings as there will be a cumulative building of information throughout.

You will be recommended supplements - part of the CannaCare kit which your membership gets you access to viewing. Your dashboard will also give you access to the group calendar, document downloads, and the most up to date information for the course.

CannActivation Month 1: Dissolving Passive Tendencies

TOPIC: What is productive cannabis usage? How was our passivity initially imprinted?

TOPIC: How can we re-animate our passive parts - the parts that want to want? How can a new story be imprinted onto our subconscious mind?

CannActivation Month 2: Developing Our Inner Parents

TOPIC: What is the Mother/Child dynamic?

TOPIC: The upper limits of love - why some people experience cannanxiety

TOPIC: Synthetized experiences for real results - being seen in the eyes of a plant spirit

TOPIC: The constituents of my well-being and safety

CannActivation Month 3: Masculine/Feminine Detanglement

TOPIC: Our narcissistic attempt at love - creating boundaries which make possible receiving with integrity

TOPIC: Cannabis powered shadow play - gently touching our blind spots and deepest hurt aspects

TOPIC: Feeling Valuable

TOPIC: The grieving of Perfection

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