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Emotional Clarity through Cannabis

We are sex

We are all sex. We are pure, innocent, whole hearted sex. Nothing in this world isn’t sex. A concrete manufacturing plant outputs concrete just the way we output babies. When we make tea, we are sex. When we allow others to help us, we are sex.

Nothing innately makes sex wrong. Our society has create an enormous moral taboo against sex. Sex has been used against us for millennia. We are entitled to feel sexy, we are entitled to make love, we are entitled to be interested, nothing is wrong with any of this. Nothing is wrong, period.

Sexual crimes only exist when the person responsible has a sick sense of their own sexuality. When they believe they need to sneak it or force it, when they believe they don’t deserve to be loved. When they believe they aren’t already pure sex they feel the determination to go get it.

Our pure innocence, behind all the fear, behind all the stories, behind all the heartbreak – our innocence was created by sex and will create more sex. No amount of shaming will make this untrue.

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Joshua Falcon-Grey

Joshua is a filmmaker and psycho/spiritual transformational artist. He designs new ways to incorporate technology, plant medicines, and personal development into experiential learning. He enjoys public/comedy speaking as well as providing personal, business, and relationship coaching. More info can be found on his personal site.


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