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Thank you for your interest in writing for Expandabis!

We are truly appreciative of your passion for this transformative topic, and would be delighted to assist in spreading your message. Please look through the guidelines below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Articles we are looking for:

Energy Healing Principles

Cannabis functionality


Body intelligence

Energetics of Business/Innovation


Articles we are NOT looking for:

"You should" advice. We aren't trying to bully our readers into taking action. Best practices is okay. Languaging is important.

News that can quickly become outdated (outside of how it pertains to collective consciousness)

Legalization issues (outside of how it pertains to collective consciousness)

Scientific studies without a resulting course of recommended action

Our general assumptions about Cannabis:

If your writing conflicts with these assumptions, we will need to contact you and get clear before moving forward.

Cannabis is best treated as a sacred healing medicine in appropriate and psychologically safe environments

Cannabis magnifies (supports) Intention

Cannabis can be very healing, and can also be very damaging when misused

Cannabis energy is feminine

Due to the nature of its interference with proper brain development, Cannabis is generally not a good fit for people under 21 (outside of extreme cases)

THC can become an emotional addiction

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