Healing Autism Spectrum with Cannabis

Autism, defined by the dictionary, is “a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.”

This reflects a widely misunderstood issue about the human emotional health system. Mental issues are derived from emotional stagnation. A “mental condition” is an emotional condition. Otherwise, it’s like saying that the food on the stove isn’t heating up because of an issue with the pan – it’s simply not the root cause and therefore looking at it proves fruitless. Classifying a diagnoses by the resulting behavior is only useful to a very limited extent.

And then, what is the emotional stagnation? Just like all emotional issues, it is a lack of freeflowing energy in some way. Emotion – being Energy in Motion – gets stuck due to inherited patterns. This inheritance is referred to as ancestral trauma, as it typically started many generations ago and has amalgamated into a unique emotional signature of today – a cross between the various family lineages including parents as well as other non-blood caretakers. Emotionally signatures can be inherited while still in the womb and then expressed, according to the theory of epigenetics, through genes and cells whose toggle is stuck in the ‘fear’ state.

The stagnant fear state of affected cells is typically referred to as shame. Shame is a rejecting of the self as a means of self-preservation (see previous article on this topic).

Cannabis works on multiple dimensions, through multiple energies. THC, being the feminine aspect, is typically the most effective for short term benefit because its psychoactive effect allows the user to experience their feelings – a feminine quality. THC is the ideal tool for emotional clearing – also known as shadow work, and seeing the unseen. This process on the autistic spectrum can allow an individual to get in touch with their anger and passion – a necessary step in purging the bindings of shame.

Conversely, CBD is the masculine aspect, and continued use over time results in less emotional stagnation. The energy of masculinity being all about focus and mission and directness tends to the stagnation from the opposite perspective, by removing the fuel from the subconscious warfare and instead placing it where consciously intended.

Because of the emotional trauma involved, which has its most debilitating bodily effect on the solar plexus, digestion issues are not uncommon, causing nutritional absorption to be seriously distorted. Tending to the gut health issue through high density foods such as bone broth, as well as creating an ideal environment for proper hydration to occur, can greatly empower the body toward its own natural clearing process of these toxic emotions.

Physical toxins are also a known issue relating to the autism spectrum. These toxins do cause the body to react in unpleasant ways, however they are believed to catalyze ancestral trauma (as they are essentially an invasion and interference of the individual’s personal space), as opposed to being the root cause themselves. This subtle difference can be an extremely empowering viewpoint for those looking for treatment options in that it is not entirely necessary for the body to be completely free of toxins for it to operate properly. That said, there are some excellent detoxification tools available in this information age. From Cilantro extract for mercury, to bentonite clay as a general binder, to the various types of chlorella as both mobilizers and binders. A well planned detox strategy can be quite effective, and a poorly planned attempt can result in toxins moving to a different part of the body.

Just about everyone has at least a few “autistic tendencies” to some degree. It’s just that, in most people the inflammation of their nervous system comes and goes with the circumstances. In autistic individuals, their nervous system is under such stress that it never calms down enough to function at a high enough level to facilitate intimacy. Consider this: when someone is triggered – whether they are angry about being victimized, experiencing stage fright, or even dismayed by the political theater of current events – does this not move them into a more autistic like state in which they have difficulty communicating and thinking clearly?

Ultimately, the healing of autism is just as much of a journey for the family of autistic individuals as it is for them. In fact, one of the most counter-intuitive yet most impactful places to begin treatment, particularly for an autistic child, is in treating their primary caretakers. Because autistic tendencies tend to result in a “hyper-masculine” orientation, empowering Mothers of autistic children with potent connection tools provides such a deep (albeit indirect) gift to the autistic individual that their own emotional healing can very likely be catalyzed through this alone.

As pure motherly essence is what THC energetically represents, an intimate connection with our mother is symbolic of our intimate connection with the creator of the universe, and therefore offers a deeper permission to see the beauty within ourselves – which in turn of course brings to life the possibility of the inner mother and the inner father consciousness springing forth as well. The human ego works entirely on symbolic nature at its core, as frequently witnessed in dreams, archetypes, and vague memories. Additionally, any unconsciously damaging energetic cords between mother and child can often be more easily completed from the mother’s end (assuming she is not also an autistic individual). Just to reiterate – these cords are not the fault of anyone and are simply the unresolved emotional residue of ancestral trauma.

As far as direct treatment, the “Expandabis Edition” of our DaoPlay modality may or may not be appropriate depending on the temperament of the individual. More likely, cannabis fueled shamanic healing and energy work – the direct experience of presence and compassion – can create an unmistakably transformative alchemy. Additionally, there are many fringe healing modalities that can make big changes. Some suggestions here would include role playing therapies of all kinds, supplements for healing leaky gut syndrome, Far Infrared Heating pads, alphabiotics neck adjustments, energy field work, earthing/grounding, authentic movement/innerdance, play/laughter/expression/music therapies, and as well as the spectrum of psychotropics and nootropic supplements. Experimentation is essential as everyone runs slightly different energy patterns even if they have the exact same symptoms.

Lastly, it is important to recognize that autism is not a curse, but a gift. The greater our struggles, the greater our potential for healing. Autistic individuals who overcome profound obstacles become an unflinching source of inspiration and light for everyone they touch. As they heal, the gift of laser like focus moves from their unconscious nervous system into their conscious mind – resulting in profoundly powerful abilities. They simply need us to believe in the possibility of their healing, in their deep potential, and together we can raise up perhaps the most innately powerful and spiritually sensitive individuals on the planet.

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