Femininity will Release Us From Slavery

The patriarchy cannot exist without slavery. Slavery is essential to a patriarchal society.

Moving away from slavery is moving into the next stage, and a more natural stage of human evolution: A matriarchy in which culture is being passed through the line of the mothers.

There is a common misunderstanding about the concept of “feminine”, as many people interpret this to mean “female”. They are very different. Female is in reference to body parts – literally the biological gender of an organism – or even of an inanimate object such as an electrical outlet. Feminine, on the other hand, is a specific energy which exists in all organisms, intertwined with masculine energies as well. If you consider the famous Chinese yin yang symbol, the white (Yang) represents masculine while the black (Yin) represents feminine. This isn’t an image of a man and a woman living in harmony (it could be), but it is more accurately an image of one singular person in balance with themselves – similar to the less popular Indian Sri Yantra – which has an outer masculine boundaries along with inner feminine circle.

We as a species are designed to live in a matriarchy. Our living in a patriarchy, culturally tied by fathers, has thrown our energies far out of balance. This is changing as we move into the next stage of evolution.

There is an ancient Taoist proverb which says “The usefulness of a kettle is its emptiness”. Emptiness, if you consider female body parts, is a feminine quality. Having the emotional “space” inside of us gives us the freedom to see beyond our habitual compartmentalization of life events. It allows us to flow with a much more natural state of intuition, which in turn allows us to much more easily live the way we want to live literally “without trying” because once we are cleared out emotionally (removal of the old programming) following our intuition is the natural state in which humans operate. Our unconscious slavery is not natural, and therefore those days are numbered.

We are enslaved to our jobs, we are enslaved to people who repeatedly emotionally trigger us, we are enslaved to money (if we believe it has power over us), we are enslaved to our phones, we are enslaved to our food, we are enslaved to whatever keeps us from our fullest uninhibited expression.

We have chosen this lifestyle, because our “not good enough” ego structures NEEDS enslavement in order to stay intact. We are addicted to the approval of some form of master. Every time we are annoyed, defeated, or uncomfortably surprised we have the opportunity to feel it in our body without believing the “meaning” of the discomfort story in our mind. The story is optional, because it’s based on arbitrary beliefs that we have been programmed with in childhood. Beliefs derived from a slavery inducing patriarchal paradigm.

We are attached to things, and when we experience “losses” instead of “wins”, losing anything begins the cutting of the attachment – the grieving process. This is normal and without issue when we have mastered the ability to surrender.

When an attachment is cut properly we see that disappointment is only present if we resist the next stage of the process of experiencing pain. Because it lingers, we are being told by our body that it is wanting to take us deeper. In this shame based culture we have marked the notion of “deeper” to be inconvenient – resisting the root feeling of total defeat and deep shame for existing in a seemingly impossible world. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!).

Disappointment is an unnecessary internal fight. Surrender is the feminine quality which will help us to move on.

As we let go of our need to be enslaved, our need for approval, true liberation looks and feels much like a wild animal – and let’s get real, this is not for everybody. Not everyone is prepared to actually be free. Not everyone is pursuing this just yet, and that’s alright.

It’s no coincidence that cannabis has often been lumped into the same category as ‘drugs’ such as alcohol and opioids – this is an aspect of the early 20th century patriarchal propaganda. The feminine energy of cannabis can help us to gain new perspective on disappointment and internal fighting, and is helping us as a species to quickly change our values into a more natural and aligned state of interpersonal connection.

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