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Expandabis Brand Store

Expandabis now features its own line of branded products! Clothing and beyond, this is a great way to support our ongoing efforts toward bettering our cannabis culture.

Healing Pads: Far Infrared with Amethyst

If you have body pain, muscles that just wont relax, chronic inflammation - far infrared heat is powerful medicine.

Biomat Link coming soon 

California Spring Water Delivery

Cannabis users tend to be chronically dehydrated - so let's up the water game. If you are in California - either the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles - you have access to one of the finest water sources in the world available for delivery to your doorstep. FountainOfTruth brings you naturally alkaline (pH 8) water and even offers extremely unique and beautiful flower of life etched glass water jugs.

The Ideal Personal Water Container

Keeping dehydration under control often means keeping a personal water bottle around you at all times.

There are SO many options. Many are plastic, all of which risk leeching some kind of chemical into the body.

Ideally a container would be colored glass  in order to reduce the amount of light entering. And that glass would ideally be BLUE in order to create what's referred to as "solar water", water which has been filtered by blue glass and charged by the sun.  One's personal container would also  ideally be marked with a high vibrational insignia for optimized energetics.

BLUE BOTTLE LOVE achieves all of this, along with a BPA-free and very sturdy cap! Check them out. And you may even see a custom Expandabis bottle here in the future 😉 Click a bottle!


DIY CannaCare Kit

3 Levels of Herbal Supplements Specifically for Expanders

PrimalHerbs are assorted wild cultivated fungi and other Chinese medical herbs, some of which are even found in our CannaCare kit above!


One of the strongest Non-Psychoactive Anti-Inflammatories on the planet, the best CBD is the NANONIZED which means it is made into very tiny particles (encapsulated in water for hydrosomal delivery) and therefore much more bioavailable instead of the typical 10% absorption level which normally results in 90% waste. Give it a try!

Bone Broth

Healing the emotional body begins in the gut, and the powerful nutrition of bone broth is one way to speed up recovery time

Wealth Dynamics Test

Wealth Dynamics is an incredibly effective tool for determining one's most ideal wealth building style. Based on the work of Roger Hamilton, and the 5 Chinese elements.

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