Re-Balance the body from Cannabis Usage

CannaCare Balancing Kit

In this video, Joshua Brandon Pánczér will explain a bit about the chart on the left and how the CannaCare kit works with that in mind.

This strain guide may be helpful to further optimize your experience

Note: While this graphic may give the indication that certain strains target certain areas of the body, this is not meant to be informational but rather was an aesthetics choice by the designer at the PCC dispensary

Common Imbalances Due to Cannabis

​Depleted Testosterone/Excess Estrogen

Due to an increased burst of testosterone during usage, extended participation leads to overall adrenal fatigue. By blocking and sweeping out the estrogen (which also builds up from xenoestrogens, a side effect of living in our modern world), as well as cycling testosterone boosting supplements, our bodies can become much more efficient .

Candida Overgrowth

Cannabis usage, especially recreational/casual usage, tends to bring about a candida overgrowth due to an accumulation of stale/damp energy. Taking action to combat candida can shift a big list of health issues.

Depleted Magnesium

Magnesium, one of the components of electrolytes, tends to get used up more quickly through the metal depleting process of cannabis usage. Electrolytes send the body's electrical information throughout the system - resulting in proper sleep and energy levels.

Low Dopamine/Addiction

Cannabis is so loved for recreational usage because it introduces a flood of dopamine, which unfortunately depletes it during non-usage times which can result in depression and cloudiness. This most certainly leads to addictive behavior and leads us astray from the empowered usage we are capable of. Supplementing that dopamine is very helpful.

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CannaCare DIY Kit

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You'll get access to our Highly informative Password Protected Page with descriptions of how each supplement interacts with cannabis and links to our recommended brands of supplements. Includes basic human supplements even beyond the scope of cannabis usage.

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We guarantee that the information provided will be the most thorough list of cannabis balancing supplements you've ever found. If you can find something better (and show us) we are happy to provide you a full refund!

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