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Welcome to Intensive Energy Training

The Private and Premium version of Glowing Warrior School

This premium training and healing program is designed to create the fastest shift available.

Please let Joshua welcome you, in the video below.


After 12 private Expandabis sessions, and 6 live coaching calls, it is possible to become a certified Expandabis Method Practitioner.

You may then to facilitate others through this process as well. By going through this training, you will learn to hold space for yourself so that by the end you will have the ability to hold space for others. Whether you want to use this or not is up to you, as it will change your life and your perspective (for the better) dramatically no matter what you choose.​

While each trainee is required to go through 12 ceremonies, there may be some periods in which a facilitator is not available live in person for a period of time (due to travel, etc) and these private sessions will need to be scheduled around that.

Each trainee will also be expected to view each Inward Training Lab lecture to date.

The cost of this Intensive training is $5,997

or 4 payments of $1,575​

Thank you!​

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