The Quantum Theater Expandabis Edition

Cannabis Has Greater Potential

Many people like cannabis, and many people LOVE cannabis. But most people don't realize that aside from its popular euphoric qualities, it's actually a powerful psychedelic. Say what?! Yes, it's all in how it's used....and it can be used in very different ways.

The Time of Temporary Relief is Over

The Quantum Theater + Expandabis process focuses on using cannabis to help us in creating permanent expansion of our identity. It takes an intense focus, intention, and commitment to reach these areas. This doesn't mean it's a one time fix, but it does mean that each session will take you closer to the source of any issue. Most people will benefit greatly from an experienced facilitator.

Real Results

This experience may include all or some of the following: trauma release, mental clarity, soul attunement, deep knowing,  and a more integral relationship with the plant.

The Quantum Theater + Expandabis will increase breathing capacity, make accessible new frequencies, and alter our baseline state of being. For many people this gets closer to the root of consciousness than they have ever experienced.

Story Consciousness

Human consciousness is built around story. Story is an alchemy of character (self), plot points (circumstances), and resolution (transformation) - perfectly designed to change consciousness through symbolic actions. The Quantum Theater + Expandabis helps to facilitate the climax of these inner stories once and for all, so that the inner child can finally get dramatic resolutions they've been wanting, and can then integrate that energy into the adult consciousness

For eons, humans have been relaying their experiences through stories around the campfire, through visual art expression, and one can even detect the story of another simply by how they're dressed and the flavor they emanate. Each session takes participants through a series of stories which are designed to interlock with the basic elements of nature.

The Power of Elements

Each session takes participants through a story which covers 6 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ether, and Starlight. Interestingly, the embodiment of these elements have an interesting correspondence with the stages of grief as defined by modern psychology. The opportunity to feel the elements gives us a sensation of diverse and beneficial energetic movement.

So these combine well with Cannabis?

Both stories and elements can touch us beyond our thoughts and even beyond our emotions - stories can resonate the deepest truth available. The THC molecule of Cannabis catalyzes the primal feminine energy of connection, which allows stories to be received in a deeper way so that they may integrate and take hold in a grounded and lasting way.

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