There is a concept in the upcoming Expandabis book which wants to be shared sooner, so let’s get to it: Your Cannabis Story.
First, let’s look at the nature of Story. Human consciousness absolutely depends on Story to make sense of anything at all. Before we put our pants on, putting our pants on, and after we put our pants on. Every activity contains a story and every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Children are [generally] not born smoking cannabis, it begins later in life – perhaps as a teen or an adult. And then the middle of the story – the consumption period. And what about the end? Is there an end? If cannabis is helping us heal, shouldn’t it get us to an ending place where we are then healed and no longer require its assistance? That is what we will r[e]efer to as Your Cannabis Story.
Everyone’s cannabis story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Perhaps the end is at the end of life. Or perhaps it is sooner. This all depends on the way it is used in conjunction with healthy decision making and the creation of clear boundaries and transparency within ourselves. And the evolutionary development of one’s cannabis story greatly depends on their understanding the energetic purpose of cannabis in the first place.
Cannabis is a very effective tool that is useful specifically for people who are out of balance. And to be clear, this is not a shaming tactic. Virtually everyone is out of balance in some way. The THC component of cannabis is a feminine energy, which means that it helps people to become more receptive to life. This specific imbalance, in which people need assistance in becoming more receptive, can be called hypermasculinity. They will tend toward an excess of action-oriented “fixing” solutions versus mastering the ability to remain calm and present in the face of discomfort. When used effectively, cannabis can greatly assist in this process.
Interestingly, by sitting with presence in discomfort we are able to not only increase our receptivity but this process also enriches our masculine focus abilities at the same time.
The healing process is increasing the spectrum of energies we have access to. Cannabis by its nature increases our ability to be in touch with feminine energies at one end of the spectrum, and when used intentionally also increases our master of the other end of the spectrum, those previously mentioned masculine focus abilities.
And so, what does it look like to sufficiently master this spectrum to the point where it completes our individual cannabis story? And what comes after that story?
 It’s likely different for everybody. We each get to decide the purpose of our working with cannabis. What are we trying to achieve?
For me, I am able to write this because my cannabis story recently ended. The result: A complete Kundalini Awakening. I got what I came for. It was the most intense experience of my life” a rebirth. And now, I am in a new state of being.
Does this mean I will never use cannabis again? Perhaps I will. But it will be for a different purpose, for a different intention. The first story is over, and a new one may begin.
There are many tools out there to assist us in resolving disease, which at its root is generally caused by an accumulation of shame in a process known as grief. By acknowledging and entering this process, cannabis is able to bring us into a different perspective. But it won’t do the work for us.
This conversation is continued more in-depth in our upcoming book!

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